Lumber Tycoon 2 Script (2024) – Dupe Money, Teleport & More

Get the Lumber Tycoon 2 script and enjoy features such as dupe money, teleport, auto buy and more!

Hey Roblox fans! Looking for the active Lumber Tycoon 2 scripts? If that’s the case, then you have landed at the right place. Today, in this blog post, I am sharing the script that you can utilize to obtain features such as dupe money, and more.

Lumber Tycoon 2 is a Roblox game created and developed by Defaultio. In this game, players can explore Lumberland and deforest the trees around them. And, the wood collected can be used to build various structures, or players can sell the wood to buy furniture and accessories to improve their gameplay experience. The game also features trading rare items with other players.

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All Lumber Tycoon 2 Script

Lumber Tycoon 2 script is a lua-coded script that can be used in conjunction with a Roblox exploit to gain unfair advantage in the game to obtain features such as dupe money, teleport, auto buy and much more. The scripts mainly helps the user to enhance their gameplay.


1. Dupe Money

Dupe Money feature is fantastic because it allows you to duplicate the available money. Using this cheat, you will be able to duplicate the money, resulting in a large amount of money that you can use to purchase items in the game.

2. Teleport

Teleport feature is the second best feature in the Lumber Tycoon 2 hack. Because it allows you to travel quickly from one location to another. You can use this feature in the game to move from one location to another, which will smooth out your gameplay and save you time travelling.

3. Auto Buy

Auto buy feature is also one of the Lumber Tycoon 2 best cheat, but it is available in few scripts. It will automatically buy axes and other items in the game. You can enable this feature and it will buy items for you in the game automatically. Use this feature in conjunction with the Dupe money.

Script 1

loadstring(game:HttpGet('', true))()

Script 2


Script 3


How Do I Use Lumber Tycoon 2 Script

Image of Lumber Tycoon 2 script gameplay
Image: How Do I Use Lumber Tycoon 2 Script / GamingDoom

The script is extremely simple to use. All you need is a trustworthy Roblox exploit and script, which you can obtain from our website. Assuming you have these, we can move on to the instructions.

  • First, download and install a reputable Roblox exploit (Evon, Sentinel) on your device.
  • Please run the Roblox exploit/executor on your device once the installation is complete.
  • Launch the game as well as the Roblox script executor.
  • Now copy and paste the script from this page into the Roblox exploit.
  • After pasting the script, click “Attach/Inject” and then “Execute” to load the script GUi.
  • When the script GUI appears, select the hacks you want and have fun!

That’s all you need to do to get the script to work properly on your device, and if you still have questions about the script, please consult the FAQs, and if they remain unanswered, please let me know in the comments, and I will do my best to assist you.


In conclusion, Lumber Tycoon 2 is a popular Roblox game that offers players a chance to explore Lumberland, cut down trees, and build structures using the wood collected. For those looking to enhance their gameplay experience, scripts are available that provide features such as dupe money, teleport, and auto-buy. To use these scripts, players need a reliable Roblox exploit and a script executor. By following the instructions provided, players can quickly and easily gain an edge in the game.


What is Lumber Tycoon 2?

Lumber Tycoon 2 is a Roblox based game in which players can explore Lumberland and deforest the trees around them.

What is Lumber Tycoon 2 script?

Lumber Tycoon 2 script is a lua-coded script that can be utilized to get unfair advantage in the game.

Are the Lumber Tycoon 2 scripts safe to use?

Using scripts in Lumber Tycoon 2 is against the game’s rules and will result in account suspension.



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