Wex Mobile is an Indian game which will be similar to popular battle Royale game PUBG Mobile. This game will cover a massive map with 64sq. Km of area. This game is being developed by two Indian game developers.

Wex Mobile will be going to feature the whole Indian map in the game. They said that this game will feature 1 of the popular tourist place in the game in every state. 9 Major Rivers are also included in the game map. They said that this will help the game users to engage with our country’s diversity.

Wex Mobile Story

Wex Mobile project was started when PUBG Mobile banned in India. Indian Gaming Community (IGC) was searching for an alternative and they failed. Now game developers of Wex Mobile promise that this will be the best alternative. Wex Mobile will feature all the game features that are in PUBG Mobile.

Wex Mobile Developers said that they will create an environment in the game that will be similar or even better than PUBG Mobile. It is a big responsibility for Indian game developers to create a game that performs better than other popular battle royale games.

Wex Mobile Gameplay

According to the video that they published on their channel, the game look pretty good in terms of graphics and design. Wex mobile will comes with fluid graphics that are missing in the Indian games.

The game character movement is similar to Fortnite character. I have noticed this thing and I thought that I should mentioned this because I don’t like that. If the game is realistic in terms of graphics then why the character movement is like a cartoon.

Wex Mobile Game Size

Now if we comes to the size then the developers of the game didn’t mentioned the size of the game. But if we analyze the size according to other realistic games then it will be around 1.5GB or more.

Wex mobile will feature all the features that are in PUBG Mobile. So we can analyze that this game will be for higher and mid end devices. Still there is no update about the size and requirements of the game.

Wex Mobile Video

Wex Mobile YouTube

In this video you can clearly imagine that this game will feature realistic graphics. Please watch this video on YouTube to read the description.

You can donate Wex Mobile Developers through their UPI which is mentioned in the video description.

Wex Mobile Screenshots

Game is still under development but you can see what the developers had done. I really appreciate their work in few months. I like the game graphics and overall design. All the below screenshots are taken from the game trailer video.

Wex Mobile Release Date

Wex Mobile is set to launch on January 2022. You can visit their website wexmobile.in for more information. But according to their video it will release between January 2022 – March 2022.

There are only two developers which working on the game. It take time for creating a game which can perform everything similar to world most popular battle Royale game. Wex Mobile not creating a hype and I really like that. If we compare FAU-G with Wex Mobile then Wex Mobile is clear winner.

Final Thoughts

I am waiting for this and I hope this will not be like FAUG or other game. They promise for the game to be like PUBG Mobile and I hope so. I have saw the teaser and it looks impressive.

I hope this game will beat the other battle royale games. And if you really interested in this game then please donate the developers through UPI which is mentioned in the video description.