Steel Rage LUA Hack Script File Free Download

Hello everyone today I am sharing the new LUA hack script file for Steel Rage. This hack script file has so many features such as backward FOV, Speed hack, Teleport, and more. Steel Rage hack script is working and will not give you a ban.

Steel Rage Lua script file is working with the latest version of the game. Below I have mentioned all the instructions with questions that will help you to enhance your knowledge about ‘how to use hack script’.

How To Use Steel Rage Script

To use Steel Rage LUA Hack script file properly, follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  1. Download the .lua script file from below download button.
  2. Now download game guardian if you have not downloaded it yet.
  3. Now open game guardian and click on ‘start’.
  4. Once started, a game guardian overlay will appear just click on it and choose the hack script.
  5. Now choose your desire hack.


  • Teleport
  • Unlimited Money
  • Speed Hack
  • FOV Hack
  • Backward FOV
  • More

Steel Rage LUA Hack script file working and will not give you any ban. This hack script doesn’t have so many features but once it get updates we will add features to it.