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Get the Squid game script and enjoy features such as win rope game, win first game, godmode, and more!

Hello, Roblox lovers! Looking for a Squid game script? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. Today, in this post, I am sharing the working Roblox Squid game script pastebin links that you can utilize to win games easily. This feature consists of different options that we will discuss.

The hit Netflix series Squid Game has inspired a game on the Roblox platform developed by Trendsetter Games. In order to pay off your debt, you will have to go on a perilous adventure where your bravery and skill will be put to the test. To assist you in your journey, I’ve compiled a list of all the working scripts to help you along the way.

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All Squid Game Scripts

Roblox Squid game scripts are lua-coded scripts that are used to gain access to game features that are normally unavailable. These scripts are used in conjunction with a Roblox script executor. With the help of scripts, it becomes easy and quick to win games as it provides features such as win rope game, win first game, win second game, and win third game, and so on. I have also discussed these features below.


1. Win Rope Game

The Win Rope Game feature of the script allows you to win the rope mission easily and quickly. You can use this feature to complete the mission.

2. Win First Game

As the name suggests, the win first game feature of the script allows the user to win the first game. It is a good feature, and most of us want it.

3. Win Second Game

The Second game is followed by the first game win, now you can use this feature to complete the second game mission.

4. Win Third Game

The third game starts after the second game is completed. To complete this mission, you can use the win third game feature.

Script #1


Script #2

loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Kelvinouo/Hub/master/SquidGame_AutoWin.lua", true))()

How Do I Use The Squid Game Script

Image of Roblox Squid Game script gameplay
Image: How To Use Squid Game Scripts / Gaming Doom

Before I explain how to use Roblox Squid to execute scripts, you must download a publicly available Roblox exploit. Now that I’ve assumed you have one, we will continue.

  • First, copy the Squid Game Roblox script.
  • After that, launch Roblox and open the squid game.
  • Download any available Roblox executable from our website as stated.
  • Copy and paste the script after launching the exploit.
  • Enjoy your free Roblox squid game hacks.

As simple as that, you can start using the Squid Game script. After reading the Frequently Asked Questions, if you still have questions or run into problems, please leave a comment and I will respond as soon as possible.


Roblox Squid game scripts are, in conclusion, the best way to acquire game features. Roblox prohibits the use of external scripts, but many players continue to use them to gain an unfair advantage in games. I also include instructions that will aid you in utilising these scripts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Roblox Squid Game Scripts?

Roblox Squid Game scripts are lua-coded scripts that allow players to access game features that are normally unavailable.

Is it safe to use the Squid Game Scripts?

The use of scripts, including the Squid Game Scripts, is against the terms of service of Roblox. Using these scripts may result in a ban or suspension of your account.

Are there any alternatives to using the Squid Game Scripts?

Yes, there are alternatives to using the Squid Game Scripts. One alternative is to practice and improve your skills, rather than relying on shortcuts provided by the scripts.


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