Sonic Speed Simulator Script Free – Auto Rebirth, Auto Step

Are you looking for the updated Sonic Speed Simulator Script? If the answer is yes, then you have landed the right place. In this blog, we are here with the latest and updated Sonic Speed Simulator Script with mind blowing features like Auto Rebirth, Auto Step and much more. Now you can quickly dominate the game with the help of this script.

Sonic Speed Simulator is a massively multiplayer online incremental platform game. The player walks around and collects Chaos Orbs and rings around a world. This is one of the amazing game and can be made more amazing with the help of Sonic Speed Simulator Script. You can boost your gamming experience with the help of this script.

Along with the script, we have also mentioned all the things you need to know about the script like its using procedure and features and much more.

What is Sonic Speed Simulator Script?

Sonic Speed script is a coded file made by programmers to gain the unfair advantages in the game and unlock many amazing features which are not available in the normal game. It is not possible to manipulate the game without the help of any external source for a normal player. It is used to gain more fun in the game with features like Auto Rebirth and much more.

How to use Sonic Speed Simulator Script?

Sonic Speed Simulator Script

The using procedure of Sonic Speed Simulator Script is very easy and you just only need to follow the below mentioned steps to use the script efficiently.

  1. Frist of all, you will need a Roblox Executor to use the script because it is an Roblox based Script. You can download the Roblox Executor from our website.
  2. Now run the game normally.
  3. Now copy the script from our website and paste it into the Roblox Executor.
  4. Now just hit the execute button.
  5. Now you are done. Just Dominate the game.
loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()


Below mentioned are some of the core features of the Sonic Speed Simulator Script which you can experience.

1. Auto Rebirth

Auto Rebirth is the feature which can be use to respawn in the game when you die. Suppose if you die in the game, you can automatically rebirth in the game after a certain span of time. This feature can be useful when you are at highest score and suddenly die, then this feature can be used to maintain your score.

2. Auto Step

The “auto step feature in a Sonic Speed Simulator script likely refers to an automated movement or you can call progression through the game, specifically the stepping or movement actions of a character which can help you a lot in the game.

3. Safe and Secure

The crucial part of an Script is its safety. We know that the progress of game for a player is very important and due to an expired script, the whole progress can be damaged. But by our Sonic Simulator script, you don’t need to worry about the ban or anything else which can cause trouble to your id because it is safe and updated.


Hence, to conclude things, we have provided the best and the latest script for Sonic Speed Simulator Script which can help you boost your gamming experience. Do not forget to use the script in its limitation to avoid any type of ban on your id. Also do not use any expired script or not updated script because the anti cheat system of the game can easily detect the expired scripts.

Is sonic speed simulator real?

Sonic Speed simulator is a online multiplayer game and and serves as an official entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise on the gaming and game development platform Roblox

How do you get the code for sonic simulator?

First of all, Open the game.
Now Open the shop menu (bottom of the screen).
Now Hit the Redeem Codes option.
Now Grab a code and enter it.
Now you can Redeem and enjoy your free goodies.

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