Roblox Rush Point Script (2024) – ESP, Aimbot & More

Get the Roblox Rush Point script and take advantage of features such as aimbot, ragebot, ESP, and more!

Hello Fighters! Are you guys looking for the Roblox Rush Point script? If that’s the case with you, then you have arrived at the perfect place. Today, in this blog post, I am sharing the Rush Point script with you that you can utilize to obtain features such as aimbot, ragebot, ESP, silent aim, and many more.

Rush Point is a team-based competitive first-person shooter game available on the Roblox platform. It is a fast-paced game, like other first-person shooter games. Rush Point features 13 different weapons, 7 tactical operators and utilities, and customizable weapon skins and cases. The game currently contains 5v5 unranked, casual, and 15-player deathmatches on custom maps, and later will have a ranked ladder. The game requires quick reflexes and careful teamwork to survive and win matches. So, to help you win faster in the game, I am sharing the script.

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All Rush Point Script

The Roblox Rush Point script is a lua-coded script that can be utilized to get an unfair advantage in the game. These scripts are used in conjunction with a Roblox exploit (Executor). With the help of the executor, you can inject the script into the game and obtain features such as aimbot, ragebot, silent aim, ESP, and many more.


1. Aimbot

Aimbot is a famous cheat in first-person shooter games that allows you to aim at the enemies more precisely. This cheat helps you to kill more enemies in the game easily. Aimbot allows you to point your crosshair on the enemies head without any practise.

2. Silent Aim

As the name suggests, silent aim feature is a part of the aimbot. You can use this feature and you will see that your game will look normal. This cheat allows you to silently aim your targets, so other players will not be able to detect that you are using any external cheat.

3. ESP

ESP stands for extra sensory perception, this cheat or hack mainly used to retrieve information about the in-game players, items, and other materials. It is the popular cheat in the online games.

Script 1

getgenv().Enabled = true
getgenv().FOV = 100
getgenv().Priority = 'Head'
getgenv().HitPercentage = 100

loadstring(syn.request({Url = '', Method = 'GET'}).Body)()

Script 2


How Do I Use Rush Point Script

Image of Roblox Rush Point script gameplay
Image: How Do I Use Roblox Rush Point Script / GamingDoom

It is really simple and easy to use the script. All you need is a reliable Roblox exploit and a script which you can get from our website. Now assuming that you have all of these you can proceed to instructions.

  • First, download the trustworthy Roblox exploit from our website. (Synapse X, Evon, Sentinel)
  • After downloading the Roblox script executor/exploit install it on your device.
  • Now launch the game on your device alongside with the Roblox script executor.
  • Copy the script from this page and then paste it into the Roblox exploit.
  • After pasting the script, click on “Attach/Inject” and then “Execute” to load the script GUI.
  • Once the script GUI appears, choose your desire hacks and have fun!

That’s all you have to do to use the script on your device. If you are facing issues while executing this script, then please check FAQs, if you questions are still unanswered, then let me know in the comments and I will do my best to assist you.


In conclusion, the Roblox Rush Point script is a lua-coded script that can be used with a Roblox exploit to obtain unfair advantages in the game. The script includes features such as aimbot, silent aim, and ESP. It is important to note that the use of such scripts is against the terms of service of Roblox and can result in a ban. Therefore, users should exercise caution while using these scripts.


What is Rush Point?

Rush Point is a fast-pace 5v5 first-person shooter game developed by Axillary Studios on the Roblox platform.

What is Rush Point script?

The script is a lua-coded script used in conjunction with a Roblox exploit to obtain unfair advantages in the Roblox Rush Point game.

Is it safe to use Rush Point script?

No, the use of the script is against the terms of service of Roblox and can result in a ban.


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