PUBG Mobile Lag Fix Config + Active.sav File Download

pubg lag fix

PUBG Mobile lag is one of the worst problem. So today I came here to give you a solution to fix your lag in the game. We are not going to use the GFX tool, and your device will also do not heat while using our files.

PUBG Mobile lag fix config file contains the graphics settings to low which will allow you to play smoother, and active sav file will allows you to choose your settings to 60fps. This will definitely improve your gameplay and the good news for you guys that config and active sav file will not give you ban.

How to use these files? I know this question will arrives in your mind. I have answer of this question so read the given below instructions to perfectly done the job. Config and Active sav file will allows you to play the game at constant fps.

But the main problem you will counter with this is freeze problem. Sometimes your game will freeze for some milliseconds. So don’t worry it will start and your device will not crashed while using these files, and I already told you that there is not ban issue.

I have give the config and active sav file for all version, not for the Chinese version. Same instructions are for all the version, if you have any doubt please ask us.


  • Download the Lag fix Zip file for free from the below download button. This zip file contains the active sav and config file.
  • Now extract the zip file and choose the data folder which match exact the same as in your data folder.
  • If you using Global version then copy the com.tencent.ig folder from our zip file and paste it into your android data folder and click on replace all.
  • Now open your game and you will see something different, and use it whenever you feel lag.
    We will update all of your files regularly so you will not face any lag issue.
    Now you have to update the files regularly if your game still lag. Guys please remove your game from background while installing the files.

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