PUBG Mobile India Release Date, Updates, News and More

pubg mobile india

PUBG Mobile India had not arrived in 2020, this is because MeitY (Ministery of Electronics and Information Technology) didn’t give permission to release the game in India. All the news website creating a hype about PUBG Mobile India to gain some visitors.

Information provided by the news websites is not fully uninformative but they won’t be telling you the truth about the game’s future. PUBG Mobile India will not arrive before March 2021. PUBG Mobile anniversary coming soon, maybe that could be the best time to release the Indian version of PUBG variant.

Before you know more about PUBG Mobile India. First, you should know why the Indian Tech Committee bans the game in India. PUBG Mobile is a great game there are several reasons why PUBG Mobile ban in India. I have mentioned all the possibles reasons why the PUBG Mobile ban in India, all the opinions are mine.

Reasons for Ban

  1. The relations of the countries India and China might not be okay. This is the reason why the TikTok (Video Streaming APP) ban in India. Later on, some of the Chinese apps were banned in India.
  2. This game already in the scenario of a ban from the past few years. Indian prime minister said that this game will be going through some checks and if this game passed then it will be available for download.
  3. Addiction is one of the worst reasons for every game, for example in the USA, Fortnite (A Battle Royale) game has banned for months.
  4. Storing Data could also be the reason for a ban because the global version of PUBG Mobile is developed in China and there were no privacy rules or policies.

According to my opinion, these four reasons are enough to know about the PUBG Mobile Global ban in India. Many users on Instagram and Twitter were asking MeitY to give information about PUBG Mobile India comeback. Now I will tell you more about PUBG Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile India now completely developed, but MeitY not providing an appointment date to check issues in the game. PUBG Mobile now has no way to arrive in India since it approves by the ministry.

Many YouTubers saying that game will come with another name so this in my opinion is not true. No, PUBG Mobile India will be the name of game if it releases in the future. Now many users disagree with my opinion because it may be possible that PUBG Mobile India will come with another name.

Listen everyone PUBG Mobile will not change its name, because if the game release with a different name then the ratings of PUBG Mobile in India will vary. PUBG Mobile or Krafton don’t want to lose users from their PUBG Mobile franchise.