PUBG Mobile Lag Fix No GFX Tool Required


PUBG Mobile Lag Fix

PUBG Mobile lag fix in ernagel 2.0 update, it comes with a few bugs, which create a lag in game. Sometimes it because of the frame drops. Today I came with a simple hack to reduce lag in your PUBG Mobile. So basically this trick works for those devices in which PUBG works good earlier but now it become worse.

There are lot of users who use GFX tool which is not good for your android devices. Using gfx tool deletes the cache memory of your android application and makes the game run faster, but still there are some framedrops. To avoid lag you need to open your game and have to follow some steps. I promise you that it will work in your android device.  

PUBG Mobile lag fix is a trend topic not because of low end devices, it also caused by the game bugs. To solve this issue please follow the given steps below and then try. I hope you will understand them all carefully and if anything you found which not appropirate or not working then tell us.  

Steps To Reduce lag in PUBG Mobile

  • First Step is simple just clean your device with builtin file manager or use Google Files.
  • Second Step remove uneccessary images or videos from your android devices because they are too large which carries so much space.

After doing this trick please follow the last one step to reduce lag in PUBG Mobile.

  • Open your game PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0, and go to graphics setting tab.
  • Now change your graphics to movie, and then to soft. You will see the graphics settings changed and your game works smoothly.
  • Whenever you enter the game just change the graphics and then see the effect. This will last long for 1 game, so change it whenever it necessary.

These are some of the best method which I am using to reduce lag in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile Lag is not temporary, so use have to use it regularly to avoid lag in your game. I hope you will understand how to fix lag in PUBG Mobile 1.0 update.