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Hello! Partner Welcome to our join us page! From the 26th of July, we decided to hire some professional Blogger or game hackers to share the info on our website. This page is the user agreement page, after allowing this page you will become our member at This page contains some info that every member should obey otherwise their account will be got terminated without asking them for further reference.

Rules and Regulations

  • First of all copied content is not allowed on our website.
  • You should not use other images, which means copyrighted images are not allowed.
  • You cannot promote your own videos on our website.
  • Choose the best category which fits according to you, half knowledge is dangerous for you.
  • Never share the information shared with you and our members.
  • Allow other users to see your content and share the content on other websites after publishing it.

User Info 

User information is required for becoming a member you can verify your ID (Identity) at our Instagram page. ID requires some of the basic info about you so we can enhance our data about our partners.
ID is secured and they will not be shared with other people so do not hesitate to submit your info.
  • Contact Info

Content Allowed

Content allowed on our site is about gaming and tech news. You can choose your topic and then you can start writing your post. Do not publish your post automatically, once your post gets verified at our website then your post will automatically get published. Some topics are given below choose which fit best for you.
In Games Category you can share anything but in tech, there are some limitation. Tech updates contain some news about game updates and the launch of new gadgets. 


How we can earn money from this membership?
User publishes their content on our site once their content starts ranking on our website then they will start earning revenue. All the money will be sanctioned on their account on the last date of the month.
For more questions contact us.

To join fill the contact form which appears after the agreement page. Choose your name, mail and then type info about the topic on which you will work!