My name is Sourabh and I am a full-time blogger and YouTuber. I love blogging and sharing information worldwide so everyone can easily reach what we have. This makes me happy when someone gives us a review of our knowledge. I started blogging in 2018 but due to some lack of knowledge I cannot rank my blog on top of Google, so it takes time for me to make a nice blog. Finally, in 2019 march 22 I have created this blog which names SikkTech. This is my first success in blogging as well as YouTube. I love gaming so I share articles regarding games such as PUBG, Fortnite, GTA 5, etc. This topic is a trend. I got a good amount of visitor's from starting. Nowadays I am seeing that my blog ranking on Google and Bing top search results. This makes me happy because when you do something and not get 100% results then you lose your interest.

How I start

On 14 April I bring my Grandfather Debit Card to buy a custom domain for my website. Now the major problem cause with me is what will I say when they ask me for what reason you want. At that time I have only one answer that my friend needs some money so I want money to help him. But I am a foolish person I forgot about the message which comes when we buy something online. Message from Go Daddy server that I have bought a domain and my grandfather comes and asks me that tell me the meaning of this message and at a time my father also enters unfortunately this is going wrong. I have no excuse so I tell all the details and also told about blogging. My grandfather is a nice person because they understand everyone feeling in our family. That told me that never hesitate to ask me for some money. The collection is only for you not for us. I am seriously a lucky person who has a great person.
After that, I put information on Godaddy and enters the records and connect my blog with a custom domain.

Problems created

When I started blogging I don't know what to do and also don't know about meta tags and description. I started learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and after that, I became a good blogger but not decent. But I am regularly doing my work to get the best results and finally on 5 April 2019 my blog ranks on the first page of google without any external links. After that, I analyze some parts of Google Algorithm to rank my website. After some days traffic goes low's because of the trend, now this is the biggest problem cause with everyone that traffic becomes low when everyone and every website post the same thing. But they know how to rank the website as compare to me because they are working for the last 2-3 years.


This is the matter when we start some work. I am interested in sharing knowledge worldwide and google helps with two ways in which one is a blogger and the second one is YouTube. Now, this also helps me to earn some money from YouTube as well as on blogger but I cannot use both of the networks at a time. From starting I am interested in computers and also on the internet. At that time I am interested in making a website owned by me and my name will go viral on the internet. But not happens with me at that time I have my exams so I can't work properly might it works for me to rank on Google's first page.

Only one thing which I remember that I will create a nice blog and becomes an excellent blogger and YouTuber. This makes my parents and family to proud of me that I am not wasting my work.

Sourabh Yadav