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You seeing this page because click on download button on the previous page. Your download will begin shortly when the timer reaches zero seconds. Or, if you have doubts regarding our download system then please read FAQs below.

How To Use Files in PC

PC users need Winrar to extract files if the files are in zip format. If your windows is updated to the latest version then you don't need WinRAR. You can download Winrar from their official website.

How To Use Files in Android

.apk files will be installed directly with the android package installer. You can use Zarchiver for an android device to extract files. Please also allow your android device to install files from unknown sources.


How To Download?

Download files on our website is really easy. You need to first visit the post page where your file is and then simply click on download button. After that your download will begin shortly.

Download timer didn't start?

If download timer of our website is not working then please refresh the page. Sometimes it happens because of cache.

Google Drive redirect why?

All of our files stored at Google Drive. So, whenever you download a file it will redirect you to the Google drive page (only for large files). It also helps us to make user happy with virus free files.

Download didn't begin?

If the download of your requested file not begin after the timer reaches zero then the file is removed by the Administrator. You can contact them for the file issue.

Download speed is slow?

We didn't host any files at our own server. All the files are stored at Google driver server or in some cases on So please check your bandwidth and then retry.