Become Contributor

We are feeling happy to announce that now everyone who wants to work with us, they can. We are looking for bloggers who can write an SEO friendly blog for our website. The person who wants to join our programme should fulfill some basic criteria of being a blogger. He or she should have good experience of writing blogs or at least have enough knowledge to write an article.

The article must lie in domain of our website. It should be related to gaming. Like gaming articles, gaming news, or any article which targets gaming area. We will pay you as per your article. The amount for an article can vary according to the words written by you and the quality of the article.

We will review you article thoroughly and then we will decide how much we should pay you. Plagiarized or copied content would not be allowed. If you are willing to work with us, just mail us and we will further contact you.

You can contact us for more information about the contributor program and money related queries.

[email protected]

NOTE: Our response time is approximately 1 day. Please be patient after sending the email, do not send same message or query.