Chara CardMaster Cheat Codes (2024) – Money & More

Get the complete list of cheat codes for Chara CardMaster for money and the gallery.

Hello everyone, I know you’re looking for Chara CardMaster cheat codes, and you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’m going to share a comprehensive list of Chara Card Master cheat codes that you can use to unlock gallery content and an unlimited amount of money.

Chara CardMaster is an adult-themed game created by kk2oven. The player’s goal in Chara CardMaster is to capture images of characters known as Charas. The game’s unique feature is that the lewder (more explicit) the image, the greater the in-game currency rewards. This game combines elements such as character photography, management, and upgrades.

While the primary goal of the game is to capture explicit pictures of Charas in order to earn rewards, it also includes strategic elements in which players can buy upgrades, manipulate the popularity of the characters, and experience over 300 mini-scenes, each with its own unique picture. The progression and mechanics of the game appear to be a hybrid of photography simulation, management, and adult content. We’ve shared a list of cheat codes to help you capture faster.

We have also provided you with some additional game cheat codes that you may find useful.

All Chara CardMaster Cheat Codes

Chara CardMaster cheat codes are codes shared by the kk2oven to manipulate game data. With the help of the cheat codes, you can easily unlock gallery content, obtain an unlimited amount of money, and much more. Chara cheat codes are the best way to complete tasks and in-game missions.

CheatsMonth & Year
CoolSoulApril 2023
ColdDudeMay 2023

So these are the only cheat codes available for the Chara CardMaster. I’m looking for new codes and will update this post as soon as they become available. Furthermore, the shared codes are case-sensitive, so please type the codes carefully or you will encounter errors.

How To Use Chara CardMaster Cheat Codes

It’s really simple and easy; all you need is a cheat code and the game; simply follow the steps I’ve shared and you’ll be able to use it properly;

  • To get started, launch the game on whatever device you’re using.
  • Proceed now to the section where you can enter cheat codes.
  • Take note of the cheat code that is currently active on this page.
  • Copy and paste the cheat code into the section designated for cheat codes.
  • Just hit the “Apply” button, and have fun!

That’s all you need to do to use the Chara CardMaster cheat codes. If you have any problems, please let me know in the comments. If you have any questions about this blog post, please see the FAQs. Also, bookmark this page for future updates, as I will be updating the post with new cheat codes.

Wrapping Up

These are the lists of all of the Chara CardMaster cheat codes that are currently working, so you can take advantage of them. Make sure to save this page as a bookmark and check back regularly for new cheat codes as we have mentioned.


What is Chara CardMaster?

Chara CardMaster is an adult-themed game where players take explicit images of characters, known as Charas, to earn rewards. The game offers a unique mechanic where the explicitness of the images influences in-game currency rewards.

What are the available cheat codes for Chara CardMaster?

The currently available cheat codes are “CoolSoul” for April 2023 and “ColdDude” for May 2023.

Are there more cheat codes expected in the future?

Yes, the post will be updated with new cheat codes as they become available. Keep an eye out for these updates to enhance your gameplay.

Are the provided cheat codes case-sensitive?

Yes, the cheat codes are case-sensitive, so ensure accurate entry to make them work effectively in the game.


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