Bitcoin Miner Codes Roblox (2024) – Super Mining Boost!

Get the active Roblox Bitcoin Miner codes to obtain free mining boosts, hedges, and more!

Hello, miners! I know you’re searching for active Bitcoin Miner codes, and luckily, you’ve come to the perfect place. Now, in this blog post, I’m going to reveal the brand-new OP secret Bitcoin Miner codes. These codes can be redeemed for free mining bonuses and other in-game items.

PolandGameBuilders is the creator of the Roblox game Bitcoin Miner. Inside the Roblox platform, the game is a simulation of a Bitcoin mining operation. Gamers get to experience the thrill of virtual Bitcoin mining, where they can mine Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, update their mining equipment, explore a virtual environment, and grow their mining base. The game also allows players to trade uncommon things in order to boost their revenue. It is vital to note that all coins in the game are merely in-game objects and are not linked to real-world cryptocurrencies.

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All Bitcoin Miner Codes

Bitcoin Miner codes are alphanumeric values that can be redeemed in-game for freebies and other rewards. The game developers supply these values for exceptional achievements. You can use these redeem codes to complete tasks in your games. I’ve included both active and expired codes here, so double-check them before using them.

Working Codes

thxfor150MSuper Mining Boost (New)
KB34Super Mining Boost (New)
NewLampBoostSuper Mining Boost (New)
6wioSuper Mining Boost (New)
45dzSuper Mining Boost (New)
43DBSuper Mining Boost (New)

Expired Codes

GreenWall5x Hedge
RockBoostSuper Mining Boost
LightningSpeedSuper Mining Boost
PowerfulBoostSuper Mining Boost
PurplePrism5x Hedge
StoneBoostSuper Mining Boost
GPUBoostSuper Mining Boost
WeekIVSuper Mining Boost
Week3Alien Block Head
AnotherBlockConcrete Block
extraStarter Electricity Box
FreeLvlOne Level Up
SandFloorTurn the floor into sand

How To Redeem Bitcoin Miner Codes

Image of redeeming the Roblox bitcoin miner codes
Image: How To Redeem Bitcoin Miner Codes / Gaming Doom

The Bitcoin Miner codes are quite simple to use. All you need is the code found on this website and the game. Assuming you have both of them, we can move on to the instructions.

  • First, launch the Bitcoin Miner on your PC/mobile device.
  • Now, exit the starting location and continue walking until you reach an orange kiosk bearing the word “CODES” on it.
  • To interact with the CODES window, you need to approach it and use the E button.
  • You may either enter the code manually or copy and paste it into the field labeled “Insert Code Here!” in the text box.
  • To confirm the redemption of your free code and receive the reward, press the blue button labeled “Redeem.”
  • That’s all, Enjoy the freebies!

That’s all you need to do in order to redeem the Bitcoin miner codes. If you are facing issues, please check the FAQs, and if they are still unanswered, then let me know in the comments, and I will do my best to assist you in redeeming the codes.


In conclusion, Roblox Bitcoin Miner is a really good game, and if you use a redeem code, it will be much simpler for you to play. In this post on the blog, I discussed the codes, and I also gave them to you along with the instructions on how to properly redeem them and take advantage of the freebies that are provided by the codes.


What is Bitcoin Miner in Roblox?

Bitcoin Miner is a Roblox game created by PolandGameBuilders that allows players to immerse themselves in the virtual world of Bitcoin mining, mine various cryptocurrencies, and upgrade their mining equipment.

Are the cryptocurrencies in Bitcoin Miner real?

No, all cryptocurrencies in the game are purely in-game items with no real-world counterparts.

Are there any expired codes for Bitcoin Miner?

Yes, some expired codes are listed in this blog post. To receive rewards, make sure to only use active codes.

Can I find more Roblox codes for other games?

Yes, you will find some additional Roblox codes for other games in this blog post that you may find useful.


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