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Best Free Gaming VPN Available Right Now.
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Best VPN Free For Android – Lynex VPN.

Best VPN free for android is now available from SIKKTECH. It is one of the best VPN free available for you guys and provides many features for free. It provides more than 1000 free proxy servers. It will provide security more than any other VPN for free and also provides proxy. You can play games without any lag and also with low latency with the help of Lynex VPN for free.

Best FREE VPN 1000+ optimal gaming servers, Proxy VPN browser to unblock sites and apps around the globe.

1 Best FREE VPN proxy and gaming optimised servers for android. Lynex VPN offers one tap easy way to connect to fastest servers with great network speed.

Lynex VPN is a FREE VPN which provides you best gaming servers for optimimised gaming. You can boost your gaming experience and also unblock games in your region.
Tap connect and you can protect your online privacy and your device and also you can secure your device under public hotspot – wifi. For best gaming and privacy, Lynex VPN is best
free VPN you should choose.


  1. Free unlimited proxy servers(GAMING OPTIMISED)
  2. Unblock any site or apps.
  3. Secure and anonymous internet connection.
  4. Fastest speed networks.
  5. Stream movies or shows.
  6. High end encryption.
  7. No Log Service.

Free unlimited proxy servers(GAMING OPTIMISED).

Enjoy free unlimited proxy and gaming optimised servers which provides boost in your gaming performance. Overcome problems facing by gamers due to high ping or low letency or poor internet
connection. Lynes VPN provides you free unlimited servers for games by which you can choose best server for your respective games. You can get FREE UNLIMITED UC or skins or game items in
games like PUBG or FREE-FIRE. Boost your gamming performance by using FREE lynex VPN.


You can unblock any banned sites or application in your region securly and very fastly. Connect to Lynex VPN and surf and website you want to. You will get private internet connection with Lynex VPN.


Stream any movies or web series without buffering by connecting yo Lynex VPN for free. Stream your favourite shows at high quality without getting any type of lag and have fun.


100% best free unlimited servers with high end encryption and safety for your best experience.


Lynex VPN provides you experience of safe and anonymous connection over the internet. You can unblock sites anonymously(hiding your identity over internet) and securly without getting tracked.
Secure your device on public hotspot wi-fi and protect your data from third party. Lynex VPN works on TCP/UDP protocals for secure flow of data.


Lynex VPN provides you friendly ecosystem. One tap connect and disconnect buttons for easy use.

No Log Service.

Lynex VPN do provide no log service by which you can freely and without any hesitation. As we all know that security in one the main concern when it comes to any application. In today’s time, data leaks are one the major problem. But, Lynex VPN do not save any of your information and there is no fear of data loss.


VPN stand for ‘virtual private network’. VPN provides you function by which you can surf securly and privately on internet. It provides you secure tunnel to connect to a network on internet
anonmously. It helps to protect your data from third party hackers by making a tunnel for safe connection and also by encrypting your data.