Apex Legends a competitive game hack is now available on our website. I am pretty sure that you gonna like this hack, and it is working too. I have share so many hacks and mods but this hack is one of the best and undetected hack.

I have not use this hack on my main account, so I can’t guarantee that this hack will last forever. There are so many hacks available but I don’t like them, our apex legends hack is best in my opinion.

Apex Legend hack is not so easy to cheat, you have to do some work if you doing it for first time.

Apex Legend hack has many key features such as esp glow, aimbot, no flash, etc. I am using ESP glow to see enemies throughout the walls and blocks. I also suggest you to use this hack otherwise your gameplay will become bore.

Now if you don’t know how to install the hack then you can read the information given below, it’s not easy so you have to do it correctly, If you doing this for first time I highly recommended you to watch tutorial.

How To Use Apex Legends Hack

  • First of all you have to check that your windows is installed in UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) or not, if not then reinstall windows in UEFI.
  • After that check that your hardware is of 64bit, obviously you have otherwise game will not run.
  • Now you have to boot windows in UEFI mode from USB Stick while installig the windows.
  • Now you have to check secure boot and turn it to disabled, you can do it from BIOS settings.
  • You have all done! enjoy.

Apex Legends Hack Features

  • ESP Glow
  • ESP Line
  • Aimbot
  • No Flash
  • LongShot
  • Speed Hack
  • etc.

First of I would like to clear if you going to use ESP hack for apex legends hack you taking risk. To avoid issues please read the given instructions properly so you will not miss anything.

Password: sikktech.com