Anti ban Host File Download For PUBG Mobile

Antiban host file for games and apps.
Antiban Host File

AntiBan Host file for PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, COD Mobile and Free Fire, Free Download. This host compatible with Strange VPN if you have not downloaded Strange VPN yet you can download it from our website. So we will let’s move to our main topic Anti Ban Host, so there are some features of this host file, which is necessary to know.

How To use Host File

It is very easy to use just follow my instructions;

  1. Download the antiban host file zip from the below button and unzip it.
  2. Once you unzip the host file zip, you will see several host files.
  3. Just download Strange VPN from our website.
  4. Now install this app and click on start.
  5. It will ask you to choose host file just click on ‘select’ and choose one host file.
  6. Now it will automatically activate that host file.
  7. Now you have all done, enjoy!

Antiban host File Features

  • IpV4
  • IpV6
  • Support All VPN (recommended Strange VPN)

So please download this latest version of anti-ban host for pubg mobile. This host provides secure connection to your device so no chance of any virus can enter in your device, and it is a anti ban host so you cannot face any ban problems. Please download this script from the below download button.


What is PUBG host File?

PUBG host file contains the IPs with domains which connects to anonymous servers and helps user to protect their account from getting banned while cheating in the game. Host file works with Strange VPN  which you can download from our website.

What is anti ban host file?

Antiban host file is a list of proxies that pointed to anonymous server. Mainly these host files are used to prevent the client for unusual activites.