Team Adopt Me! (@TeamAdoptMe) Latest Tweets | 2 Millions Subs on YouTube

Adopt Me 2 Million Subscribers on YouTube.
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Adopt me is a game developed on the Roblox. The recent tweets from Teamadoptme is that they have completed 2 Million subscribers on their YouTube channel. That’s amazing news for all of the adopt me fans.

Adopt me always confused his fans about its controversies relating to shutdown of the game. Adopt me a pet game based on dogs and other pet animals. So, finally the achieved a milestone of 2 millions subscribers on YouTube.

I am sharing this information based on the latest tweet from @teamadoptme on Twitter. They are very happy to announce that adopt me completed 2 million subs.

Adopt Me!

You can clearly see their tweet about the 2 million subs on YouTube. They also giving away a peacock for free to all the adopt me players. You can avail this offer from their YouTube video, or for more watch the below YouTube video.