Top 5 Virtual Space For Android Devices

Top virtual space for android devices are given below, there rating might differ from day to day. But today I am sharing some of the best virtual space for you. These virtual space are good in day to day task, and they didn't consume so much ram. Virtual space for android devices as ability to clone any application and many of virtual space are also known as app cloner. Today we will discuss about each and every app, and let's see which app has good features.

Top 5 Virtual space are given below, read their information before downloading. This will helps you to understand better about all the virtual spaces.

Parallel Space

This app has it's own market in this category this app developed by the LBETech. This app also available on PlayStore so if you don't know how to download it directly then click the below download button. Parallel Space mainly used for social clones, this app allows you to clone any application but this app not built to cheat games using GameGuardian application.

Virtual Xposed

Virtual Xposed is also one of the most popular application. This application is also created by the Game Guardian developers. This app is popular for game hacking because it allows a free root access to the Game Guardian. These application will show their own environment to the game, and this helps the game cheater to cheat easily without rooting their android devices. Virtual xposed a top virtual space is popular for game hacking.


Octopus mainly started to use third party hardware in android games. This app helps you to play with joystick in android devices without any problem. This might be interesting when you don't wanna control with your finger anymore. So this app mainly built for those who interested in using externa hardware. PUBG Mobile banned octopus user because they violating the terms and privacy of the game. So if you downloading octopus for PUBG Mobile then please don't you will get the ban as you enter the game lobby.

Dr. Clone 

This app has it's own features such as no crash during gameplay and many more. I am using this application for long time. I understand each and every aspect of the game and I really believe that this application is on top but some cons are also in this application. Dr. Clone one of the most popular cloning app is only for game hackers.

Nox App

This application is also similar to Parallel space. This application developers are Nox Developers, this app creates app clones and shares a good experience with user. This app doesn't lag your device and give you a smooth experience while browsing. This app has it's own features which you will see after downloading the application. This app is also popular for game clone, that's the reason why this app is in this list. So download Nox app from the below download button.

So these are one of the most popular and downloaded virtual space. This apps are mainly used for cheating and these applications comes with all new updates. I have given the download link for all the version, so you can easily choose which fits you best. These apps are best in my opinion and if you feel not, then let me know.

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