Knives Out 1.2 Lua Hack Script File Download

knvies out hack script

Knives out is also a great alternative of PUBG Mobile. This game also provides same features as we see in pubg mobile. But this game is quite different in case of gameplay, I don't play a lot but I have seen this game earlier and nowadays it whooping so much. So I am sharing a hack script which will works a champ for you, so go and download Knives out hack script from the below button. 

I know there will be a question in your mind that what will this lua hack script do, and how it will going to work. So I have just mention all the instructions which are require to cheat this game. This not going to be so easy, that downloading a lua file will done your work. Just keep your eye on the instructions so you will not miss any information.


  • Download the Knives out hack script file from below download button, and then paste it in any folder where you can access that file.
  • Now you need to download an game guardian, game guardian works in rooted devices. If you don't have any rooted device then download any dual space to give root access.
  • Now just add your game in the dual space if your device is non rooted, otherwise simple turn on your game guardian application and start the hack.
  • Now you will see a play type button on top right corner, just click on it and then you to select the hack script.
  • After selecting the hack script just click the on execute and enjoy the cheats.


  • Auto Headshot
  • No Recoil
  • High Jump 
  • Antenna Hack
  • Wallhack
  • Aimbot
  • Remove House
  • Herbicide
  • Magic Bullets
There are so many hacks inside the hack script, go and download the hack script for Knvies Out and enjoy the game without any ban or issue. 


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