PUBG MOBILE Will Ban in India or not? Full Explained

PUBG MOBILE Will Ban in India or not? Full Explained

Hello! gamers or readers, today I am sharing some thoughts on PUBG Mobile Ban. PUBG Mobile ban in India is one of the most trending topic I have seen. Many YouTubers and news website already publish the article or posts on this topic. But in my case I am different from others, in simple words, I will not copy their info. From the past few years, I have seen many times PUBG Ban, is trending, and it would be not a problem but a solution for game developers to fix the issues. PUBG Mobile has updated its policies, and it's a good point for every developer.

So let's discuss about a issue, so you can better understand. From last year PUBG Mobile don't allow gameplay more than 2 hours for age restricted users. When your 2 hours quota reach, game shows a notification. So that's a good thing a government also supports this type of function. PUBG MOBILE never collects user data, as I have seen many users also publishing this type of content. And for some reason, I don't like these reviews, because PUBG requires only storge access when you install it. It asks for voice permission when you try to voice chat with others. 

PUBG Mobile clarifies that they do not collect user data, but they show some ads not so much but there are some ads. According to me, PUBG Mobile will not be banned in India or in any country after updating its policies. If you do not believe upon me then check out the recent case in Pakistan. PUBG mobile ban in Pakistan but soon it will be unbanned, PTA ( Pakistan Telecommunication Agency ) has contacted PUBG mobile and they found no issues. I don't know about PTA or as soon as the game unban users have access to the game. 

Many users downloaded PUBG Mobile in Pakistan from third Party websites and used VPN to play PUBG Mobile. This is a good idea but it is limited for a time period. If you don't then I can tell you that if you try to use VPN then your account is at risk. So beware of this and use a trusted VPN service.

Finally, I have come to my final thoughts that are PUBG Mobile might be banned in India. Guys enjoy the game until it gets banned, if the game got banned then I know you all will download the game from third-party websites. Thanks for reading if you like more news and updates please follow us.
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