GFX Tool Apk 1.0 PUBG Mobile Free Download No Root

GFX Tool download for pubg mobile no ban. This app will not give you ban and you will really like it. We will also discuss about the topic that this app gives you ban or not. GFX Tool, actually this is not a gfx tool this is the force rendering tool. Which kills the background applications and allows your processors to focus on the game performance. Does this tool really improve the game performance? according to me it does! because when I try it first time, I will find improvement in the game play. Many players of PUBG Mobile doesn't have the best gaming devices. This gfx tool helps them to achieve better performance in the game. I believe in this tool and I will recommended this tool to all who don't have gaming smartphone.

I am using this tool from past few months and I don't found any ban issue. If anyone believes that this app makes your account ban, then boss you actually not tried this application yet. Download the gfx tool for pubg mobile without any ban issue.


  • Screen Resolution
  • Device Search
  • Extreme FPS
  • Shadow Quality
  • 4xMSAA
  • Anistropy Level
  • Graphic Rendering Level
  • GPU Optimization
  • Memory Boost
  • One Click Launch
  • Zero Lag Mode
  • Potato Graphics (Uncompatible)
  • HDR Graphics 
  • No Ban
Download the gfx tool for pubg mobile latest version no ban, and it also allows you to get the extreme fps in the game without heating the devices.

Updated to the latest version 1.0 alertsuccess
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