PUBG Mobile v0.18 ESP Mod Menu + Health Free Download

PUBG Mobile v0.18 ESP Mod Menu + Health Free Download

ESP hack is a hack used by the most popular hackers to hack the game using an app. So if you are interested in using esp then you can download the below hack. There are many hackers who chasing for the hacks, who have better. Using esp hacks has lots of advantages of hiding itself. I will tell you one by one. So in simple words esp hack and other hacks included in an apk file which later has the game data and provides you the location of the game player or you can say, enemies. There are lots of hackers inside the game as you can see, if you are a rank pusher then you definitely know about the hackers. Nowadays many of hackers stop using a game guardian they use premium app which later helps them to hack the game.

There are many advantages and some disadvantages which we will discuss. And it is necessary to discuss these tools details so you can understand. This pubg mobile hack is a tool or you can say an app file that has some codes which hack the game. So that's why it is called a hack tool. Many game hackers use scripts and hosts this is far away from them. You do not need any hacking script as well as the host file. You can use your own VPN to create a guest account. I have mentioned all the features of this hack.


It is only for the global version and it has some features which are listed below. If you are interested in using this hack the read the instruction to hack the game properly, without any ban issue. While I am using this hack from the past few days and my account is quite safe. I am wondering how this is possible but it is. So what you have to do is to download the apk file which I will give you. This esp hack only has the location and other hacks so you will not face any kind of problem with this hack. It will work on both root devices and nonroot devices.


  • ESP
  • ESP Line
  • ESP Box
  • Health
  • Distance
  • 360 Alert
  • Vehicle Info
  • Loot Box
  • Near Enemy 
  • etc.
Now we will learn how to use this hack so simply read the instruction given below and you can also watch a video on YouTube.


  • First of all go to your file explorer and now go this address >Android/data/com.tencent.ig and cut this folder and place it on other folder.
  • Now follow the same step with obb also >Android/obb/com.tencent.ig cut this and paste it on other folder not in, where data folder is!
  • Now remove your PUBG application and install the ESP modded one.
  • Now move these files to there respective places obb into obb folder and data into the data folder.
  • Now login with Twitter or Facebook because no GooglePlay login allowed in this modded version. So it might be a problem for those one who use Google Play to sign in but you have to face it.
Now you have all done enjoy the hack and also give your review at our contact page so we can bring more hacks for you.

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