Play PUBG Mobile With Keyboard and Mouse Without Any Application

Play PUBG Mobile With Keyboard and Mouse Without Any Application

Hello! buddies today I am giving you a best way to play PUBG Mobile in PC. In this article you will get the best method to play pubg mobile in pc. As we all know many of you don't be able to play PUBG Mobile in pc, because you don't have a good pc or high end pc. But now this would be possible. You don't need any high end pc because you can use keyboard or mouse in your android device with the help of your computer. I know this feeling to be a joke but this is the only way by which you can play. I have pasted the details or instructions below you can try them to play game without any problem.

PUBG Mobile is mainly built for Android and iOS devices. You can also play them in android emulator but that's not the right way. If you try to play the game in your android devices without any trigger then your game play will become better and better. I am telling you that your gaming skills will develop as soon as you do your best in the game. I am also a gamer and I used hacks only due to my profession. So, finally let's move towards the topic.


  • You need a Good Android Device with good proccessor.
  • Need A good pc without any graphics card. Clean the ram and other application which you don't use.
  • Download TC Games application in your PC link is given below.
  • Now download the same app in your android device from google play store.
  • Now you need an Extra USB cable to perform the task.
So these are the requirements which you will use to play the game. If you have any doubt contact us. Now read the instructions to perform the task. 


  • Go to your settings (mobile) then enable the developer options.
  • Click on USB Debugging and select ok! now go back to the TC game app and run it.
  • Now attach a USB to your android device and then connect it to your computer which you will use and where you install the TC Game Software.
  • Now run the TC games software as administrator.
  • Now your android device will be connected to it and  you have all done.
  • Now run the game and you will ask to download the controls then click on ok.
  • And your controls will be downloaded and you can manage them according to you.
So this is one of the best and simple way to play the game in your android device. I had solve this problem and if you think it cannot be then contact to me. I have many queries which you have asked and I will solve them one by one. Now you can also customize controls according to you. And the best thing is that, you will only find mobile player no any emulator player would be there. So this is the right way to gain a best title. If you are new here on our website then please share this articles with your friends so they can also take a look at this feature.
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