Fix 10 Min Ban Pubg Mobile 0.19 Hack

Fix 10 Min Ban Pubg Mobile 0.19 Hack

Hello! gamer's this is one the worst problem you ever face the 10 min lag. Today I am giving you a hack script which will changes this problem. Now you  will not face any kind of ban while hacking the PUBG mobile. There are many gamer's who have already share this type of hacks but they does not working properly so that's why I am sharing this type of hack script. For more information you can contact for the problems such as game hacks and other. My dream is to give you all the best from me, and I will get succeed in it by completing the 1k subscribers. If you getting banned regularly then please check your host file which is really important for you. The best thing of this hack script is that it will also works in the future updates. You don't need to update it regularly, if you got any kind of ban then please contact me. I don't care what the game says but change your host and use the data on-off trick to reduce ban chances. I really appreciate the game hackers who using my hacks. Now guys you will not face any kind of ban on my hacks. I have encrypted the hacks, and they working nice.

There are many users who has the same kind of problem that their accounts got banned and they will not getting the chances to hack the game if you are new here then please read the instructions to download the game hack and, how to use the game hack. It take time to understand how to use hack properly one you understand it you will not face a ban problem in PUBG Mobile. This game has an another level anti cheat system which detects the unusual activity and ban the user account. And I found this problem in GameLoft games also. If you don't know how to hack the game properly without ban then please watch videos on YouTube and get the hacks from me or you can subscribe to my channel for more information.

The best thing which I forgot to tell you that I am giving away the premium hacks to all my subscriber! if you are not the subscriber then please go and click the below subscribe button to go on YouTube. After subscribing when I complete the 1k Subscriber the hacks will public for the subscribers and they will get the hacks for free.


  • Click the below script file button to download the anti-ban hack for your game.
  • Now you have to wait for at least 30 seconds to automatically start your download. After this you download will start and the size is low so it compete very fast.
  • Now open your game and game guardian where you hack the game. 
  • Replace the hack script with your previous one and you have all done.
  • Enjoy!
The hacks are limited so as soon as you download the hacks are better for you. If you face any kind of problem please feel free to contact me or you can follow me at Instagram. I have pasted the links below you can download them from here.
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