Top 5 Apps Virtual Space For Android Devices

Top 5 Apps Virtual Space For Android Devices

Virtual spaces or dual space are application which clones your android applications. Virtual space are the only application in android device which allows you to clone your apps and games. Many users take advantages of virtual space to cheat the games or to earn some money by referral. Dual space are very important for your android devices, because nowadays everyone want dual whatsapp accounts and many more. Mainly the use of dual space in android devices is for what's app. While gamers using virtual spaces for hacks. So in this post I have listed top 5 virtual spaces with their features. You can download all of them from our server.

Dual space works with all android version. Now you can download virtual space apk from the below download buttons. Every single app contains some code which virtual space clone and make it reusable for you. I am also using virtual space to hack pubg mobile. Gamers download virtual space to clone pubg mobile and other games to use Gameguardian without root. Virtual spaces allows users to use dual accounts in one device.

  1. Parallel Space
  2. Virtual Xposed
  3. Dual Space
  4. Go Multiple 
  5. Dr. Clone
So these are the application I will tell you about each application and also tell you which one is best. 

Parallel Space

Parallel Space is a free android virtual space application. If we talk about it then this is one of the best android application cloner. I like this app alot and I recommended you guys to download it. This app has lot's of distinct features. If you want to know what are the features then you can download it and use it for commercial purposes. Parallel space don't work with hacks like if you try game guardian then it will not work properly.

Virtual Xposed

This app creates an another environment in your android device. This app sometimes lags, but it won't create any problem. Virtual Xposed is also a best virtual space for your android device. I recommended you to test this one also. Virtual Xposed looks like an another phone we are using. This app contains launcher which switch your android device.

Dual Space

As we already talk about this app, this is one of the best or we can say nice application for android device. Guys what I say it's lite version is works very good you can download both of them from the above buttons. Please hit the download button and download it. This virtual space has low amount of size and works without any lag. You can access to this app by clicking the download button. 

Dr. Clone

This app not good as if we compare it to the above apps. This app sometimes goes crash if we use it regularly. This problem makes you to feel angry. But according to the new update this would be a good one. I have not tried this application but the user review take it to this post. I have no words for this app, but you can download it from accessing the above download button. If you have any problem then please contact to them.

Go Multiple

Another good app for your android device. You can download this application from the above button. I really like this app, this virtual space allows you to clone the android application fast without any lag. This app has no longer updates and this would be a good application for you if you searching a good dual space.


My best application is Dual space on first and on second is parallel space. These application are good and they provide you the best facilities so I recommended you to download any of them. So go and download them and share it with your friends so they also know which Dual space is better for their android devices.

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