Save Your Account Getting Banned In PUBG Mobile

Save Your Account Getting Banned In PUBG Mobile

There are many users who has suffered from this problem and this is a really good for understanding the game cheats. Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today I am going to share some tips regarding account status in PUBG Mobile. I am also suffering from getting banned in pubg mobile but yet there is no a proper solution for it but we can save our account from getting banned by some special tricks. So let's move to our tricks, before you proceed I need to request you please update the host and script file from the below download button. So on first I am telling you a way to hack game with a manner so first all of you has to follow the instruction which are given below.

PUBG Mobile has already told the users that they are not tolerating game cheaters so that's why our account got banned for 10 years. To save our account form getting banned we need to face some problems. To save your account from getting banned read the instructions.


  • Download new updated game guardian if you already installed go and update it.
  • Now download the anti ban host from the below download button and use this host file in your VPN (recommended Strange VPN)
  • Please download stragne VPN from the below link, it is one of the best VPN for game cheating.
  • Now if you have anTI ban script then do not download the script from the below dwonload button if you don't have any anti ban script then download the script file from below download button.
  • Download new latest updates and keep your account safe.
<<<< SCRIPT >>>>

As I know these are not tricks but these will work like tricks if you not believe, you can try at once and you will already understand what is this. So this is the best way to save your account from getting banned from pubg mobile. If you understand this post properly you will never face account banned problem in PUBG Mobile.
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